The morra game


The morra game

Welcome to the site of the morra game.

In this site -the first in the web about this game- you can find all the news about the morra game,the sardinian morra championship and many more.

morra: ancient, folk game, yet known by Egiptians, Greeks and Romans -who called it micatio, it is still played in many nations and it is the most characteristic game of Sardinian people.

How to play:
the game is played by two players who, showing simultaneously a number of fingers,must declare at the same time a number not higher than ten (morra). The point is won by the player who has declared the number corresponding to the sum of fingers shown by them both; according to system game-payback-final, the set is won by who scores first the number of points previously agreed (16 in the game and payback, 21 in the final). The match is won by who wins two of three sets.

It’s not only an individual game.
A team of two players can compete against another team as well; in such a case, two challangers start the match and the one who wins the point defies the other adversary until he is able to have the lead.

This is not an easy game; you need a lot of concentration, the capability to predict your adversary’s moves and strong character and firmness not to be taken in. These talents can be acquired after you play a lot of matches.

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